How to Apologize the Right Way to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Whether you committed some horrible wrong, or just did something petty and stupid to end your relationship, you regret it now and you want her back. The best way to get her back is a sincere, heartfelt apology.

When it comes to knowing how to apologize, sincerity is important, otherwise your strategy will backfire and your relationship may be permanently over. But, before you rush off to apologize to her on bended knee, take some time to ponder your situation. Think about the mistakes you’ve made and how you can avoid them in the future.

It’s important to realize that when you attempt to be open and apologize to an emotionally wounded ex lover, it’s very easy to fall into a shouting match full of blame and accusations. This is why you must carefully plan and manage this conversation. Before you speak even one word, consider carefully what you will say to avoid having your ex misinterpret and misunderstand your words. If what you really want is to have her back, consider this information on how to apologize the right way. Take the time to learn what caused your relationship to break down in the first place. She isn’t likely to forgive you if you tell her you’re sorry, but deep down you have no idea what for.

Women are fed up with crocodile tears meant only for show, especially if their ex was unfaithful to them. When you tell her you’re sorry, she’ll need something of substance in order to trust you again. Be sure you understand the issues in the relationship and take responsibility for your mistakes. Pinpoint the problems in your relationship that prompted you to cheat on her and be committed to working on correcting those mistakes.

Your apology should be both realistic and specific. Tell her how weak you were and that you’ve taken steps to become a better person than you were. You must also let her know that you are aware of her pain, that you regret causing it, and that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to show her just how sorry you are.

One thing to remember though is to avoid making lofty promises. While your intentions may be good, there’s nothing more detrimental to a newly healing relationship than breaking your promises. Really think about what you’re saying. You can certainly promise to curb your jealousy and show her more support, but you can’t promise her an entirely perfect and conflict-free relationship. When you are realistic about the promises you make, you let her know that you are sincere and serious about making things work.

You should also focus solely on the issues only if you want to apologize effectively. Mutual finger-pointing and saying hurtful things just for vengeance will get you nowhere. If your partner does begin to call you hurtful names, don’t take the bait and cause it to escalate. Be patient and let the moment pass.

Your betrayal has left her hurt and wounded, and she might even try to inflict verbal or physical harm on you. Be a patient listener as you try to reason with her. Knowing how to apologize properly is crucially important if you want to get her trust back. Just remember to be honest and sincere, and be willing to learn from past mistakes. Whatever you may have done, everyone deserves a second chance at love.

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