How Do I Know If My Ex Wants Me Back?

In the case that your ex is paying attention to you, or acts like they would like to be with you again, or you pickup on signal your ex is basically flirting with you again…chances are that you can hope, but can you really bet on it? Do you wonder “Is my ex really trying to get back together with me”?

These signs do show interest, on the part of your ex, in getting back together with you. But do not just go running back though if you truly want to get your ex back. It is always best to play a bit “hard to get” as the saying goes, in fact that is probably what will make your ex respond to the best. If you just go charging back in, you will probably scare your ex completely away. If indeed your ex is showing signs of wanting you back, then you acting a bit “hard to get” is probably the reason why!

Most of the times when a breakup occurs with an ex, one or the other one of you misses the other one, or considers getting back together. This is more true when a relationship has lasted a long time. Because of all the memories involved for this time, your ex will more than likely miss you in some way. But past regrets may be one of the other emotions to come into the picture. In the case that you are pondering “ Is my ex really wanting to get me back”, the chance just may be that they actually are feeling the same way.

Many of the times that the ex shows attention to you after the break up has happened, they are only having some fun with you. They can sense when you still love them, this may make them just see if they can get your head to turn in their direction, and not be thinking at all about getting you back. So be sure that your ex truly wants to get back with you, and not just playing around, because they have no one else to spend time with. And in extreme cases they may simply be trying to get revenge, because they feel they have been wronged. So do not just rush right back into the relationship without knowing for sure your ex’s real intentions.

This is quite normal, and many time people ask themselves “Is my ex wanting to get back with me”, but just be cautious before rushing in and know what really is going on. Playing hard to get is probably the best thing you can do, if your ex is showing signs of want you to come back, this way you will not be hurt if they are not genuine about getting your back.

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